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The best city marketing shirt ever

The best city marketing t-shirt I ever bought! (also the only one so far...) Very rarely would I buy any city-related merchandise, however during a sales trip in the Midwest USA we went from Minneapolis to Chicago with a couple of stops in-between. We had a sales presentation and networking event in every city where

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Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Don’t take yourself too seriously! One of the things I had to learn over the years is that you don’t need to take yourself too seriously. You have most fun if you let go the serious part and just enjoy yourself! This picture was taken during one of our year-end events with my former employer.

Don’t take yourself too seriously!2021-03-31T14:38:10+01:00

Virtual events

Virtual events? I have been playing around for a while as well… ask me anything! The photo of me playing virtual reality games is of course not the service I would provide you with, however with my former employer I have organized a large international virtual meeting together with my colleagues. For a group

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Privileged, That is how I sometimes feel when preparing for or organizing an event coming up. The groups we have prepared events for expect nothing but the best. For example having their gala dinner in the van Gogh museum after opening hours. During the reception the guests were able visit the museum exhibition, which exclusively

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