The best city marketing t-shirt I ever bought! (also the only one so far…)

Very rarely would I buy any city-related merchandise, however during a sales trip in the Midwest USA we went from Minneapolis to Chicago with a couple of stops in-between. We had a sales presentation and networking event in every city where we stayed overnight. One of these stops was in Des Moines and in the morning before leaving, we had an hour to kill and I spent some time in the so called ‘best souvenir shop in town’.

There I found a funny T-shirt that made me laugh out loud. Before I tell you more about the T-shirt, I need to explain that I had never heard of Des Moines before I travelled all the way to the Midwest. It is a city with just over 200.000 inhabitants and it’s capital of the State of Iowa. Because I had never heard of this city, I had no expectations for my visit at all but had a great time there. So the morning after a surprisingly fun day in Des Moines I found the shirt with the title ‘Let us exceed your already low expectations – Des Moines’. This is definitely next level sarcasm and we happened to have a great time in Des Moines so this shirt was spot on!