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Living Nightwatch

One picture says more than a 1000 words… So how much does a video tell?
This video is a sample of how an ordinary dinner has turned into a spectacular and memorable evening for the guests. They have just witnessed one of the most famous paintings of Rembrandt – The Nightwatch – come to life on stage.
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The Netherlands is so much more than tulips and windmills…

Venice of the North

Amsterdam is also called 'Venice of the North' because of the amount of waterways and canals in Amsterdam

Amount of canals

Amsterdam has 165 canals, which is in total spread more than 100 kilometers

Cycling every day!

Everyone seems to be cycling in the Netherlands, 63% of the local inhabitants cycle on a daily basis

More than 400 kilometers of cycle path in Amsterdam alone

Another interesting fact is that we have almost 23 million bicycles in the Netherlands, that is an average of 1,3 bikes per inhabitant

Museum hotspot!

Everyone knows about the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh museum, but Amsterdam has many more interesting museums to visit!

In Amsterdam alone we have 75 museums

Amsterdam has the highest centration of museums per square meter of all cities in the world

Gala dinner and decor at maritime museum 1 uit 2
Gala dinner and decor at maritime museum 2 uit 2

Cheers to the great memories of the events we have organized in the past!

All the event photo’s you see on our website are from programs we have prepared and executed ourselves. We really value all the photos of these beautiful events. they remind us how we can play a role in creating lasting memories for your guests.

Over the years we have seen the venues of Amsterdam and the Netherlands turned into the most beautiful gala dinner locations. It’s almost magic once everything is coming together. We feel like event conductors, coordinating and instructing all the various suppliers bringing their piece to the play.