That is how I sometimes feel when preparing for or organizing an event coming up. The groups we have prepared events for expect nothing but the best. For example having their gala dinner in the van Gogh museum after opening hours. During the reception the guests were able visit the museum exhibition, which exclusively opened just for the evening guests. After a while, I had to instruct the guests to join us again downstairs to start the seating for the gala dinner. Once the majority of the guests were seated downstairs I realized how special it is for me to wander around in an empty museum with world famous art around me. This was my opportunity to make this selfie with the famous painting of Van Gogh.

It is amazing to see with how much interest and enthusiasm our international guests are visiting the special places in Amsterdam. One of the best things in my job is to see the city I love through the eyes of our guests. Thank you for making me fall in love with my country time after time!