We like to refer to the early orientating preparations as the honeymoon phase of an event. This is often a full site inspection to visit the chosen venues and tailor the initial plans to the event design. One of the highlights of an event is often the Gala dinner. To make our clients comfortable with the chosen menu we often invite them for a tasting. During this tasting with the caterer the client will have a full understanding of the offered menu and the choices to be made for their group.

As you can imagine both the client and I enjoy these site visit very much, not only we get to know one another better, but it is also a rare chance to enjoy the bits and pieces of the event we are putting together without the level of stress and workload that comes with organizing the event. On the picture you can see the amuse-bouches from one such occasion. If you take a closer look you might see that the yellow bite is actually a small wooden shoe made of cream cheese on a cracker with a small dot of cranberry and some herbs, delicious!