Virtual events? I have been playing around for a while as well… ask me anything!

The photo of me playing virtual reality games is of course not the service I would provide you with, however with my former employer I have organized a large international virtual meeting together with my colleagues. For a group of 500 senior leaders spread out over EMEA we prepared an amazing three-day virtual event. I was mainly responsible for the informal parts of the program, such as virtual meeting energizers, networking platforms for the ‘ coffee corner’  during the virtual event. I have also been in the lead to program and put together the live interactive evening programs. It might take some more time before we can actually meet again during a live event, so I am happy to discuss how I can support your event virtually! Although my passion and expertise is mainly with live events, I have learned a lot over the last year and I will implement many initiatives in the pre-event journey for our future live clients. There are so many ways to engage and virtually connect to build up to the experience you want to achieve during the live event!

One of the cool network platform I have worked with and I am happy to share with you is , in this platform you are able to connect in a spatial way by hovering over to someone else’s avatar in the main screen. Once you are close enough their webcam and microphone will be enabled and your conversation can start! If you want to give this a try, I have implemented this in my website as a virtual coffee corner, hope to see you there one day!