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EY – Event support

Event success reference, multiple EY events.

Today, outside of our daily work, I would like to say a few words about the performance of you and your company.
You have supported us at several events in Amsterdam. The consultation in the preparation phase was foresighted, very concrete and price conscious (in terms of our interests). Your exceptional communication skills helped us to recognize critical points without seeing them as “problems”. You came up with solutions to all our questions, even in situations where your performance had to be reduced. With your expertise we went into the events much better. Thank you for that.

During the events (several high profile business events with attendance ranging from 15 PAX to 300PAX) your support was indispensable. In the areas of logistics, customer reception, support, trips of all kinds, special tasks, choosing venues, booking catering services, in fact everything an event needs, your performance was exceptional. There was no disturbance when changes were necessary, all services ran smoothly and in the highest quality. In addition, you were always approachable and came up with professional solutions. What you do is professional at the highest level.

In addition, your way of supporting our event team with your friendly composure is exactly what we need. Is that typical Dutch …. no it is a professional with the right know how mixed with an open mind.
Thank you for your support. I am looking forward to the next Event we will do together with you.

Kalle Krause

Customer Experience Marketing Consultant – Contractor | GSA

Date; 07/07/2022.