Welcome to our website and great you want to get to know Next Level DMC! We can support you in many ways: by taking care of the full preparation and execution of your event or by supporting you with the specific event services you need help with. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Dinner experiences

Ever thought of having dinner on a boat, a rooftop or in a beautiful museum?

Want to know which venue suits best for your event?

Of course we can tailor your dinner experience to the needs of your group! We are keen to tell you about the experiences we organized in the past.

Transfers and more

Transfers are always the first and last impression people will remember.

Seamless transportation is key

In Amsterdam we often use a canal boat to have a pre-dinner reception and transportation at the same time. Efficient, sustainable and fun!

VIP Experiences

Being treated as a king or queen makes everyone smile from ear to ear!

If it comes to VIP treatment, there is always a Next Level

However, remember that also a king wants to be treated as a human, so true connecting is king!

“Going Next Level is being tired of accepting the standard.”

Next Level is all about quality over quantity!

The clients of Next Level have something in common: they want to avoid delivering an average result. Their event should stand out in many ways. This means many preparation hours and lots of attention to all details.

In working with new clients or preparing for proposals we are paying most attention to the expectations for the event and in how much detail the request has been put together. It is important to truly understand your objective for organizing this event. What is important to the individual, what is important to the company, what should be improved compared to the previous event? How to get your event to the Next Level?

Jeroen van Ark
Jeroen van ArkOwner of Next Level DMC
Eager to exceed your expectations with a big smile on my face