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5 team building activities you should do with your team in Amsterdam

Visiting the Netherlands is an exceptional experience. The Dutchies understand the value of a good work life balance making the Amsterdam lifestyle refreshing for a visiting corporate group.

Be it a leisure or corporate group visit, Amsterdam caters to everyone. Here are 5 teambuilding activities you should do with your team when traveling to Amsterdam:

1. Amsterdam Compassion Quest

The Amsterdam Compassion Quest is an adventurous and uniquely crafted activity on a mission of kindness, combining the excitement of exploration with the heartfelt gesture of giving back to the community. This tailor-made experience through the streets of Amsterdam guides teams with the aim of completing bingo cards that allow you to discover Amsterdam’s renown sights, hidden gems and cultural treasures all whilst performing acts of kindness along the way. Whether it is penning heartfelt messages on postcards to brighten a stranger’s day, donating food, clothing, or other essentials to those in need, or simply spreading positivity, this quest turns every action into an opportunity to make a difference with your team.

2. Friendship Sport Centre – Paralympic Sport Activities

For the sport enthusiast, share the love for sports with both adults and children with disabilities. Sports can be seen as a universal language as it connects people regardless of background, ethnicity, culture and gender. The Friendship Sport Centre is inclusive offering a top-class sport environment with two football fields, a cinder track, long jump arena, heated swimming pool, an adapted gym, gym and dojo. Contribute your time and sports knowledge to boost someone else’s confidence, motivation and desire to continue a sporty lifestyle.

3. Plastic Fishing in the canals of Amsterdam

Plastic Fishing has grown in popularity over the years when sustainability really started to be recognized. The Netherlands being a pioneer in creating a sustainable future, it is without any doubts that fun sustainable ways of contributing to the community would be developed. Plastic Fishing is a fun outdoor activity where participants are in a small boat, made of recycled canal plastic, use a net to fish the floating plastic. If you have fished before, you know the feeling of a catch, regardless of the size, is exhilarating!

4. Canal Boat Scavenger Hunt

Usually, finding a teambuilding activity that is a first for the entire group is difficult. However, we guarantee that you have never experienced a scavenger hunt quite as unique, intense and fun as this canal boat scavenger hunt. Amsterdam is famous for its waterways! For this hunt, every team will be equipped with an iPad, electric boat and a Captain. On the command of the Captain, and your onboard crew support, each team will complete the assignments with the GPS hotspots allocated on the iPad. This hunt gets competitive!

5. DJ Workshop

Experience the Amsterdam’s bursting music scene with an exclusive DJ Workshop either at a private venue or couple it with a river cruise. This DJ workshop in Amsterdam, a hub of creativity and musical innovation, offers a unique chance to learn DJing from seasoned professionals. Participants will master beatmatching and advanced techniques with industry-standard gear. Tailored to all skill levels, from beginners to enthusiasts, the workshop ensures a personalized and immersive musical journey. Jam behind the decks and let the rhythms inspire you.

These recommended team building activities can be tailored to the preferences of your group. Is your group competitive, adventurous and open to immersive experiences? We are ready to take your experience in Amsterdam next level.