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Birla Carbon – Full conference

To Whom It May Concern: Professional Reference
In June 2022, Birla Carbon, a subsidiary of the Aditya Birla Group, organized a Global Innovation Conference (“The BiiG Event”) at various locations throughout Amsterdam, centered at the Mövenpick Hotel.

We began planning The BiiG Event in January 2021, and one of our primary concerns was the on-the-ground team that would help us organize this complex event with key players and many moving parts. We were very fortunate to identify Next Level DMC early in the planning process, as they turned out to be the perfect partner. Jeroen van Ark and his team did an exceptional job in helping us plan the event, from arranging venues for specific activities to coordinating complex, real-time online & audiovisual components. During the event itself, Jeroen had a seemingly endless list of contacts who were willing to make our event a priority and ensure successful implementation. Finally, Jeroen was able to secure unique venues, including an historic museum for our gala dinner that many guests described as a once-in-alifetime experience. Birla Carbon and other ABG companies will always put NLDMC at the top of our list for organizing future events in Amsterdam, and I enthusiastically recommend them to you.

Yours faithfully,
Dr Douglas Barr
Director, ASMI – Birla Carbon