Activities & Tours


Engaging Activities & Tours Tailored for Your Events

Elevate your events with unique and memorable activities for your attendees.

Strengthen team bonds with engaging and collaborative activities. From fun bonding experiences, to complex competitive programs with problem-solving challenges.

Showcase local culture and heritage with activities like traditional dance workshops, culinary tastings, and museum experiences.

Explore the authentic Dutch countryside with complete programs near villages such as Zaanse Schans, Volendam or the Keukenhof in spring time.

A complete tour with all hidden gems or just the highlights? From a charming medieval city centre to rich history and modern architecture. We offer programs in all Dutch cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Work together to have a great impact on the destination environment. Participate, explore, learn, and become part of a positive story.

What Our Clients Say About Our Service

"Jeroen van Ark and his team did an exceptional job in helping us plan the event, from arranging venues for specific activities to coordinating complex, real-time online & audiovisual components."

Dr Douglas Barr

Director, ASMI – Birla Carbon
Birla Carbon – Full conference
"Next Level DMC has proven themselves to be reliable, creative, and detail-oriented in their approach to event planning"

ASTA - Staff, boats & event related services

Mackenzie Drehoff - ASTA
ASTA – Staff, boats & event related services
"In the areas of logistics, customer reception, support, trips of all kinds, special tasks, choosing venues, booking catering services, in fact everything an event needs, your performance was exceptional"

EY - Event support

Kalle Krause - EY
EY – Event support