On this picture I am on my bike and on my way to the airport, I live in a small village called Badhoevedorp which is perfectly located between Amsterdam and the Airport. I can cycle both ways in 20 minutes which is perfect. Very often I work with clients who ask me to keep a close eye on their VIP arrivals, if needed just simply jump on my bike and cycle over to the airport to personally welcome them upon arrival at the airport. At Schiphol airport we have many great additional services to be offered to the VIPs of a group, for example the VIP center allow guests to be welcomed by an handler of the airline at the doorstep of the plane. Their private car will be waiting for them at the foot of the plane to drive them to the VIP center. Once at the VIP center they will be checked by customs to clear them upon entering the country. Next they can relax in their private lounge at the VIP center while the handler is taking care of the luggage. While the luggage is being collected the guests gets offered some drinks and snacks. As you can imagine I am a BIG fan of this service because this truly provides you a ‘Next Level’ arrival experience.

During one of your visits I am happy to guide you around for these services at the VIP center.